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•All prices are in euro and can't be payed in other currencies.

•A down payment of 20-40% is required to reserving a slot for a commission.

•I will not ship your fursuit until 100% of the fursuit is paid including shipping.

•if 1 months after completion everything hasn't been paid (without discussion) I have the right to alter the design and sell the suit or parts and give you a 40% refund

•when behaving inapropriate, rude or unresponding I have the right to decline the commission or stop working on it and refund 40% of the money.

•I do accept minors but only if parental or guardians have approved of the purchase and it is proven they can take propper care of it.



•Buyer is responsible for covering all shipping costs.

•I do ship outside of the Netherlands but be aware that the shipping can be more expensive, especially outside of the EU.




•Buyer has to understand that wearing a fursuit can be uncomfortable and hot as it is made with foam and fur. Wearing a fursuit also changes your vision and eye of sight. Make sure you take breaks when in a fursuit and know your limits when wearing your fursuit.

•I am not responsible for any injuries while you're in suit.

•please notify me if you are someone who wears glasses so i can keep that in mind when making a head.


•If your fursuit arrives with any major issues or defective in any way pleace contact me within 2 weeks of receiving your fursuit.

•Warranty does not cover tears caused by the buyer unless its a product default. This has to be notified to me with in the time span of 4 weeks. warenty is instantly void when handled without care or used in adult activities.

•shipping must be covered by the buyer.


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